SPSS Statistics 28: You don’t want to miss this update!

Meta-analysis | Relationship Maps | Statistics Workbook

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SPSS Statistics 28 is finally here and it comes with some exciting new features.

Are you ready to make the most of your data, extract critical insights faster, and drive better business decisions?

With SPSS Statistics 28 you can...

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Uncover deeper insights with new statistical procedures like Meta-analysis
Icon 2@3x Leverage procedure enhancements for Power Analysis & Ratio Statistics
Icon 3@3x Take advantage of data visualisation to better understand connections thanks to the addition of Relationship Maps
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Benefit from everyday usability improvements including Statistics Workbook, search function, table side-pane editor, and more


...while getting all the major enhancements and new functionalities added to SPSS Statistics 27 like...

Icon 6@3x Full suite of capabilities from the Data Preparation & Bootstrapping modules
Icon 7@3x New statistics like Power Analysis & Cohens Weighted Kappa
Icon 8@3x Procedural enhancements to Effect Sizes and others
Icon 9@3x Global Search
Asset 7@3x Auto Recovery
Icon 10@3x Output and usability improvements
Icon 11@3x macOS compatibility improvements, and other updates

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